Scenic Nursery - Ripped off


We ordered and paid for 4 yards of Loam and delivery.We were told that with our dimensions that's what we would need.

We got our delivery and it was nowhere near the amount needed. We bought an additional yard elsewhere and it was half of what we got, meaning we only got half our order. They acted as though I was lying when I called about this, questioned my knowledge on measures, and told me they were too busy to come to my house or return my call. I have bought many items there and can't believe they have done nothing to resolve this issue.

I called 3 times and got no where. I will let everyone I know what they did to me, as well as the rudeness from their staff! I had to pay out an additional $140.00 due to them short changing my order. Also there us no management to talk to either according to their staff.

I manage a small business and this situation makes me remember that customer service is everything, and that's what keeps you in business. As for them, they may be local but I will never go there again!

I even sent emails with pictures and that wasn't good enough.I don't understand.

Review about: Delivery.

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